Waking Dreams Brings Bollywood to Bleedfest

“Waking Dreams” Brings Bollywood to Bleedfest

Directed by Deepika Dhaggubati, Waking Dreams is a family comedy about Latha Kumar (Sulekha Naidu) who just graduated college, and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.  She still lives with her family and her father, disappointed in her lack of ambition, threatens to kick her out of the house unless she finds a job.  She goes in for an interview at a video game development company.  While there she meets a cast of quirky characters, including the handsome game designer Ashwin (Maurizio Rasti), the friendly and playful Colin (Jaimie Elman), and a boss from hell Rebecca (Megan Ward).  Through this video game world Latha finds new direction for her life and a creativity she didn’t realize she had.  Sprinkled with brightly colored fantasy scenes, and Bollywood inspired dance numbers, Waking Dreams is able to combine the east and the west in this delightful coming of age tale.    

The theme for March’s Bleedfest was Fantasian, and the cast and crew presented Waking Dreams to the Bleedfest audience.  Before the film, the Waking Dreams posse walked the red carpet and talked candidly with Bzzzline’s Jules Sanchez.  After the film Brenda and Elisabeth Fies presented the Inana award to Deepika Daggubati, and a Q&A was held with Deepika, the Waking Dreams star Sulekha Naidu, and other cast and crew.  Deepika and Sulekha talked about their experience as video gamers, and how they got the inside scoop on the video game world.  Also, Deepika is the writer of Waking Dreams, and she answered questions about the similarities between herself and the main character Latha.  Deepika is an accomplished writer, and filmmaker including working with Disney, and having a prominent position in the WGA.     

The soundtrack to Waking Dreams effectively combines the American South of West Texas, and the far east of India.  The composer Stephen Day was ready for the challenge with his background on guitar, and classical training on the Sarode, the twelve string fretless eastern instrument.  Waking Dreams was the Music Supervisor Jack Rudy’s first film.  He rose to the challenge with songs from Travis Howard a now famous contry music song writer, and other indie bands to add to this eclectic soundtrack.  Jack Rudy was also the music supervisor for the television show Accidently on purpose, and is a brand manager for such famous brands as Little Big Planet.  You can find more about Jack at www.jackrudy.com.  Stephen Day now has an album out called Namaste, which features musical appearances by Matt Malley of Counting Crows.  Find out more about his album and the rest of his body of work at www.stephendaymusic.com.  

Waking Dreams was both a joy, and a challenge to make.  Deepika made the film after the cancellation of another film production.  She wanted to make the film independently, so they had to stay within a tight budget.  To afford to make the film Deepika filmed in her home town in west Texas, with the support of her community and co producers Sulekha Naidu, and Kalyan Vindhya.  Three of the scenes were filmed in India, and the producer Kalyan, and the star Maurizio Rasti both agree that filming on location is one of the best parts of filmmaking.  It was Maurizio’s first time in India so his experience was a little different than everyone elses.      

Waking Dreams is truly an original and refreshing comedy that delights audiences with it’s beautiful cinematography, and cast of quirky characters.  To find out more information on Waking Dreams go to www.wakingdreamsmovie.com.

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