The Selling

The Selling

The Selling is about Richard Scarry, a too nice real estate agent who is deep in debt from his mother’s medical bills.  To help pay these bills Richard buys a house for cheap, with his business partner Dave Ross, so they can flip it for a profit.  However, as they are fixing up the house they realize that the house was originally so cheap for one very terrible reason.  The house is haunted.  Now Richard has to try to sell a house with bleeding walls, whispering ghosts, and a closet that opens to the spirit realm.  Here is a preview for the Selling below.  

The Selling was the feature that played at the Halloween Bleedfest in October 2011.  One of the stars of the film Jonathan Klein, and the producer, and director Emily Lou presented the film at bleedfest, and did a Q and A after the film.  Bzzzline’s Jeffrey Damnit caught up with Emily and Jonathan on the red carpet where they discussed the film, and how it was Emily Lou’s first feature.  They shot the film in 14 days in 2009, and wrapped post production in 2010.  Emily and the writer and star of the film Gabriel Diani were both inspired by the horror movies from the 1970’s which is reflected in the title, “The Selling”.   The inspiration for the film is taken from 1970s horror, but the film also has a sharply dry sense of humor that is more reminiscent of another multi-genre film “Shaun of the Dead“.  Watch the video below to find out more about the comedy/horror “The Selling”

The director of the Selling Emily Lou started her career in theater.  Eventually she wanted to make a feature, and she approached long time creative partner Gabriel Diani with this idea.  He reacted immediately, and wrote the feature that is now  “The Selling”.  The original script for the Selling was received well, but Emily Lou made it clear that they needed to really make it great.  This extra time with the script paid off as “The Selling” won the the Audience award and Jury prize at the Friars Club comedy film festival, as well as best feature, best ensemble, best director, best screenwriting, and best actor for Gabriel Diani at the L.A Comedy Film Festival.  The list of awards goes on, both domestically, and internationally.  Watch the video below to see more about the Selling, and Emily Lou.

The Film will now be playing tomorrow October 22nd 2012 as part of the American Cinematechue series at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood.  A  q and a with the cast and crew will be held after the film.  The film is now also available to purchase at the films website  The site also includes more information on Emily Lou, the writer and star Gabriel Diani, as well bios of Jonathon Klein and all of the actors of the film.  Also if you have seen the movie go to to rate it.


Host: Jeffrey Damnit, Producer/Writer:Alisha Rayne, Camera Operator:Casey Fera

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