The Razzies

The Razzies: Celebrates the Worst Movies of the Year

On February 26th or “Oscar Eve” the 31st annual Razzie awards paid homage to the worst films of 2010, and Bzzzline was there to cover it. The awards ceremony was founded by John Wilson in 1980, who started the awards in reaction to a movie theater refusing to give John his money back when he asked for it. The Razzies has nominations in 10 different Oscar mirroring categories, such as worst director, worst screenplay, and worst picture. The nominations are based on critics reviews, fans who visit, and the approval, or lack of approval rating on “The Last Airbender”, and “Twilight Saga:Eclipse” garnered the most nominations which surprised the Razzie founder as Jonah Hex was his pick for worst movie.

The Razzie awards are rarely accepted, making the actual presentation of the awards the entertainment of the ceremony. This entertainment is provided by a cast of “Razzie Players” as they parody the best of the year with the king from “The King’s Speech” presenting the award for worst script, and James Franco’s arm from “127 hours” presenting the envelope for worst actress. One of the Razzie Players is Avery Clyde, whose jewelry, and scene stealing sketch at Sporty LA kicked off the show. When Avery is not presenting worst picture nominations she is an actress and will be in the play “Persued by Happiness” which opens March 26th at the Road Theatre.

The Razzie players were at it again as an argument over who was the real “Black Swan” erupted during the presentation of the worst actor nomination. In the end it was an upset, as Ashton Kutcher beat out both of the “Twilight” contenders Taylor Laughtner, and Robert Pattinson. “Twilight” co-star Jackson Rathbone did not disappoint as he won for worst supporting actor for both “Twilight Saga Eclipse”, and “The Last Airbender”. Another “Razzie Player” to hit the stage was Glenn Simon. The theater erupted in laughter with his presentation of the worst picture nominee for “The Bounty Hunter”. Glenn also presented the envelope for the special Razzie category “The Worst Eye-Gauging Misuse of 3-D”, while wearing on oversized pair of 3-D glasses. When Glenn isn’t parodying bad films during the Razzies he’s writing and acting in sketches that Parody the Warner Brothers studios on the website

A “Razzie Player” that has been there since the beginning is Paula Einstein. Every year Paula sings the opening song, and this year’s song was a parody of Cher’s “Welcome to Burlesque” whose words have been changed to fit this year’s Razzies. Paula presented the award for “Worst Prequal, Remake, Ripoff, or Sequal” to “Sex and the City 2”, and she could appreciate the ladies of “Sex and The City” winning the worst actress Razzie. Paula and Razzie founder John Wilson talked about those rare occasions when a Razzie winner does actually show up to accept the award, including Sandra Bullock’s 2009 appearance. John Wilson also talked about Jessica Alba’s Razzie win, and gave early picks for next year hinting that Nicolas Cage already might have won the award.

Razzie founder John Wilson talks candidly about televising the Razzies. He points out that TV stations tend to be owned by the same people who make the movies that The Razzies make fun of. The film clips that accompany the nominations are part of the ceremony’s charm, and televising the razzies might force the ceremony to change their format. The clip accompanying Sex and the City 2’s worst picture nomination proves that there is no substitute.

The last worst picture nomination was presented by Allen Rueckert, who gave the impression that the makers of “Vampire’s Suck” did not know what a dictionary was. That Razzie rookie also gave a speech fit for a king as he stuttered his way through the worst script presentation while wearing a crown. During the Razzie’s off season Allen is an actor, and an editor. You might have seen his editing work on the American Idol rewind on the TV Guide Channel. He can also be seen on Funny or Die as the older brother on the Wonder Years” parody Nosferajew.

All of the “Razzie Players” presented the last awards of the night together. It was anybody’s game at the beginning of the night with “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and “The Last Airbender” tied for first place with 9 razzy nominations. In the end M. Night Shamalan swept the awards with “The Last Airbender”, a film that many people made it a point not to see. In appreciation of the film and M. Night, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation made a parody of the Last Airbender, that could be called the “Last Breaking Wind-er”. They also gave a pre mature memorial to M. Night’s career. This wasn’t his first Razzies, and certainly won’t be his last. Russell Peters accepted the award not on behalf of M. Night but on behalf of their shared nationality exclaiming “way to disappoint over a billion people”. At the end of the Razzie Players performance the entire cast took a bow to a standing ovation, and the voice of The Razzies, Bill A. Jones wished everyone a goodnight.

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