The Premiere of Zombies and Assholes

The Premiere of “Zombies and Assholes”

Zombies and Assholes is a Gen x Zomedy about a bunch of twenty somethings whose breakfast stop is ground zero for the zombie apocalypse.  With hilarious performances from Erin Marie Hogan, Jacqi Holland, and Ben Begley, Zombies and Assholes explores what happens when these assholes’ car gets stuck, and the decisions they make on who get’s left to die, and who gets stuck with each other.  If the zombies don’t kill them their own personalities will.  Jim Tavare of Last Comic Standing fame makes a zombie cameo in this hilarious take on the zombie genre.


February 13th was the premiere of Zombies and Assholes.  The cast and crew showed up at Raleigh studios to celebrate the Zomedy in style.  There was a zombie dance off, and the cast were the judges of this monster mash.  Bzzzline’s Jeffrey Damnit reported from the red carpet, and Z and A star Ben Begley taught Jeffrey the dangers of texting on the red carpet.  The producer Samantha Kern talked about how she became involved in this small project, and how she turned it into the phenomenon it is today.  The waitress played by Toni Christopher shared what she enjoyed most about being in the film, and how her waitress experience helped her get into character. Toni Christopher is also in a trilogy of short films by A Trick of the Eye Productions about a little girl who gets kidnapped.  Check out A Trick of the Eye Productions YouTube channel at to see more of Toni Christopher. 

The stars of Zombie’s and Assholes talked about how they work hard but still have fun on set.  One of Ben Begley’s anecdotes from set included the interesting smells that developed as time went on.  The surfer on the cast, Morgan Roberts is working hard to further his career, and can be seen on a recent Adidas commercial.  Pier One, and Trojan Condoms, can claim Amber Bolinger as a member of their advertising campaigns, and Amber can also be seen on funny or die in the hilarious comedy “Panman” 

Samantha Kern’s production company Sidney/Kern brought Zombie’s and Assholes to the big screen.  Steve Kern, Samantha’s business partner, and brother talks about how the production company started, and how his business background was able to take the company to the next level.  Samantha Kern talked about what’s next on the Sidney/Kern plate including a film called “For Billy” which is filming now in Chicago.  Jeffrey Damnit also talked to Ben Begley about how he had previously worked with Samantha, and his last minute audition.  Ben is a comedian, and actor, and more of his work can be seen on Vimeo at

There are plenty of characters in the film Zombies and Assholes.  Jeffrey Damnit talked to the zombie Tom Gillis who talked about what a “kick” it was to be a zombie.  Will Garrett a definite character in and out of the film talked about his role, and the pets he kept on set.  Another star of the film Bryan Lawrence talked about being a writer, and his work with Disney.  Bryan Lawrence brought his own character to the premiere as his best friend Nicole talked about how much she liked the movie. 


The cast and crew all agreed that the Zombie’s and Assholes premiere was an overall success.  The director Sean LoGrasso celebrated the evening with champaigne, and talked about what it was like working with the producer Samantha Kern.  Frenchman Bertrand Corbi talks about how a role was created specifically for him, and hopes this is just the beginning of his acting career.  Ben Begley and Jeffrey Damnit discussed how manly they were, and Erin Marie Hogan talked about stepping out of her comfort zone with her role in a comedy.  Erin is most comfortable as one of LA’s most sought after scream queens, and also won for best actress for a drama in her latest short “The Confined” about a woman suffering from agoraphobia.  To see more of Erin’s work go to  To see more about the entire cast and crew of Z and A go to


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