The Ghosts Of “Insidious”

The Ghosts of “Insidious”

With a classic premise of a family haunting, and a chatty psychic who enjoys TMI “Insidious”takes me back to kinder gentler times, when horror began making a special place in my heart.  James Wan’s new film stars Patrick Wilson (Hard Candy) as a teacher who moves with his family into a new house.  Rose Byrne plays his wife, and her uncanny resemblance to Amy Irving from the 1976 film “Carrie” made me wonder if there would be a prom at the end of the movie.  Strange things are afoot in the house as their son suffers a strangely caused head trauma, and falls into a coma.  As time goes on ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and other creatures that start with a G come out of the woodwork, and haunt the family.  A Zelda Rubinsteinesque psychic played by Lin Shaye investigates the house, and reveals that there is another world where ghosts reside called “The Further”.  I was really hoping the house would have been built on an Indian burial ground, but sadly no.  However, in a don’t go into the light Carol Anne move, the father has to go into the “The Further” to retrieve his son.   Is it me, or could they have come up with a scarier name than “The Further”.

The first time I stumbled upon Insidious I was hooked.  I was surfing the web as usual, when I saw the scariest thing ever.  I found a video thumbnail of an unsuspecting Patrick Wilson, and a Darth Sith, goblin creature standing right behind him.  That creature was so inhuman, and otherworldy that I was frightened, which of course made me play the preview.  After I watched the preview I knew that I had to see this movie.  The preview made me so excited that I would ask anyone, and everyone “Hey have you heard about  ‘Insidious””.  I felt compelled to spread the word, and I did, until the police got involved.  My point is that this movie needed almost no advertising to convince me that Insidious will scare you, and critics agree.  Alisha Rayne with Bzzzline caught up Film Radar’s Ray MacDermott’s at the Thrillher themed Bleedfest.  Here’s what he had to say about “Insidious”

The title “Insidious” comes from the type of Ghosts that haunt the family.  One of the Ghosts was an old woman.  This old woman was actually played by Philip Friedman.  Alisha Rayne from Bzzzline caught up with Philip at April’s Bleedfest.  Philip has acted in quite a few TV shows, but Insidious was his first horror film.  He talked about what a great experience working on a horror movie was, and James Wan as a director.  Philip also talked about why the director made the decision to cast a man for that role, and how the costume helped him get into character.  You can find out more information on Philip at, and also more information on Bleedfest at

Insidious also features ghosts who aren’t as insidious.  One of these ghosts is played by Kelly Devoto.  Bzzzline caught up with her at the sneak peak of Anne Norda’s upcoming Anthology “Stop I’m Not Dead Yet”.  Kelly talks about her role as a lover of all things vampire in Anne Norda’s anthology.  Kelly also talks about how she is a veteran when it comes to being a ghost on screen.  Kelly can also be found on, and you can find her on facebook at

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