Skinny Sunday’s Now at the Improv

Skinny Sundays Now at the Improv

Sunday, May 1st was the Premiere of the comedy showcase Skinny Sundays at the Improv.  This showcase was put on by the comedy troop “The Skinny Dicks” featuring Rob Lindo, Joey DePaolo, and Mike Sekula.  Skinny Sunday’s has actually been going for over a year at Bar Lubitsch off of Santa Monica Blvd.  The Improv caught wind of The Skinny Dicks crew and their antics and asked them to bring their show on over.  The event was hosted by Mike Sekula, and featured such talent as voice over man, host, and a finalist on Last Comic Standing, Bil Dwyer.  Canadian native Jon Dore impressed everyone, including the other comedians, with his off beat style of comedy.  The two quirkiest comedians Moshe Kasher and Brent Weinbach each did a set that was both awkward and fascinating.  The headliner of the night was Iliza Shlesinger who was the youngest and first female to win Last Comic Standing.  Joey DePaolo, Mike Sekula, and Rob Lindo also had their time behind the mic.   The Improv thought the boys of Skinny Dicks did such a bang up job that Skinny Sunday’s will defintately be appearing again at the Improv.  Be sure to check the Skinny Sunday’s facebook page for future dates, and lineups.

After the show Bzzzline’s Alisha Rayne, caught up to Joey DePaolo, and Mike Sekula, two of the Skinny Sundays founders.  Mike was pleased with the awesome performances, and the great crowd that came out to see the show.   Mike also told Bzzzline who his comedy influences are, and what convinced him to get on stage.   Joey DePaolo talked about how the name of their comedy troop Skinny Dicks came about, and how he will never be able to live it down.  Joey DePaolo brings another show to the Improv on May 19th called Comedy Slice.  That show will feature a combination of stand-up, improv, and video, and will actually be at the Improv Lab, just to the left of The Improv.  To see performances from from past Skinny Sundays go to the Skinny Dicks youtube channel.

Bil Dwyer made an appearance behind the mic at the Skinny Sunday showcase.  Bil’s ability to make light of the everyday, and down to earth humor makes this comedian one to watch out for.  He hosted various programs for MTV, The Game Show Network, FSN, and ION networks.  He was also a talking head on the VH1 series I Love The 80s 3-d, I Love the 90s, I Love the 90s part 2, you get the idea.  He was also a finalist on season 4 of Last Comic Standing.  Bzzzline caught up to Bil after his performance, and he talked about his experience on Last Comic Standing, and what he thought of that year’s winner.  Bil also revealed that he recently filmed a pilot with another comedian Hal Sparks for the Disney Channel.  With all of that hosting work, and his easy going manner in front of the camera, Bzzzline officially nominates Bil Dwyer to replace Regis Philbin, on the Regis and Kelly show.  For a daily dose of Bil Dwyer, follow him on Twitter at @bildwyer.

Canada’s star child Jon Dore made the trip down to Los Angeles specifically for the Skinny Sunday appearance.  He also just so happened to be shooting a pilot, but Bzzzline can pretend.  Jon Dore uses cell phones, tape recorders, his own body, as well as audience members to make the audience look one way, and then reveal that it was all a scam.  If he wasn’t doing stand-up he probably would be pulling cons bigger than Enron.    Jon revealed to Bzzzline that Lenny Bruce inspired his sophisticated gag humor, and slightly off the wall slapstick.  Jon also talked about his old Canadian Television Show The Jon Dore Television Show that originally played on CTV, and can now be seen on Youtube.  When he is not messing with the audience Jon is also an actor, and recently filmed a pilot with Criminal Minds alum Paget Brewster.  To recieve more Jons scintillating comedy you can follow him on twitter at @TVsJonDore.  Here now is Bzzzline’s interview with Jon Dore.

Two of the comedians that were out to play on the Skinny Sunday stage were Moshe Kasher, and Brent Weinbach.  Their friendship is tried and true as they insisted on being interviewed together.  Moshe and Brent also have a video on funny or die called Dating Etiquette, about the dos and donts of dating.  Brent has a very interactive comedy style as he leads the audience through visualization exercises, and brings audience members onto the stage to demonstrate various human interactions.  Moshe has a more personal style as he brings up topics such as heaven and hell, marijuana prescriptions, and his hairy arms.    Moshe has been spotted on Chelsea Lately and Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Brent has made an appearance on Lopez Tonight, and also wrote, and directed his own web series called Weinbach in Wonderland.  Moshe Kasher will be appearing at Melt Down Comics in Los Angeles on May 20th, and the Hollywood Improv at 8 and 10pm, on May 28th.   Brent Weinbach can be seen now through May 15th, at the L.A. Comedy Club in Las Vegas.  Both comedians will at the comedy showcase Standup Scottsdale June 10th and 11th in Scottsdale, AZ. For more live events from both of these comedians go to their websites, and   Watch part 1 of the interview with Moshe, and Brent below.

In Part 2 of the interview with Brent and Moshe, Bzzzline asked about Brent Weinbach’s recent event, Legacy Music Dance Party that came to pass on April 30th.  The Lecacy Music Dance Party happened in conjunction with Brent and his partner in video game Crime Rob F‘s podcast “The Legacy Music Hour”.  During their podcast Brent and Rob F. go over all the music of that old school video game era.  Their most recent podcast was on May 11, and featured the video game Sonic The Hedgehog.  The Legacy Music Dance Party and The Legacy Music hour features all music from the 8bit, and 16 bit video game era, with no remakes, or remixes, just pure original video game music.  Brent talked about which songs were in the name that tune contest, and Moshe revealed that he purchased the new white Iphone that had only come out two days before.  During the interview Comedy Central’s Nick Swardson and his crew showed up at the Improv, and high fives were given all around.  You can keep up with the haps of Brent and the Legacy Music hour by following him on Twitter at @brentweinbach.  Also, keep up with Moshe at @moshekasher on twitter.

The Skinny Sundays headliner was Iliza Shlesinger.  She was the youngest and first woman to win Last Comic Standing.  Iliza’s style of comedy can be considered all American as she talks about the 4th of July, and other patriotic topics.  She also talks about dating, relationships between men and women, and women’s relationships with each other.  She revealed to Bzzzline what the classic female voice is, and how she does not fit that stereotype.  Bzzzline also got to meet Iliza’s dog Blanche who she brings with her on stage for one tiny part of her act.  Iliza talked about her show Excused that will air in syndication on CBS in September.  She is also in the process of shooting a pilot for her web show “The Weekly News With Iliza that can be seen on  Iliza has performed all over the country, as well as for the troops overseas, and you can go to her website to see where she will be performing next.  Iliza can also be found on twitter commenting on the world today at @iliza. Click on the video below to see Bzzzline’s full interview with Iliza.

Rob Lindo is the other member of the Skinny Dicks team who helped put the Skinny Sunday’s together.  His standup style involves telling stories from his life including his father’s reaction when he was born, and homeless people wearing his clothes.  Rob is both a lawyer, and a culinary chef, and you might have seen him preparing a brief or two in the Los Angeles area.  Skinny Sunday’s and the Skinny Dicks crew will be back at the Improv on July 10th, and then again on August 14th.  They will also be back in June, but keep on checking the Skinny Sunday’s facebook for further details.  Now click on the video below to see Rob Lindo’s interview with Bzzzline.

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