Shreikfest Calls for Film Entries.

Shreikfest Calls For Film Entries

Shriekfest is a genre film festival that happens in early October kicking off the Halloween Season.  The 2010 Shriekfest had a lot of really great entries, and the film makers were celebrating on opening night in Hollywood.    Here are some highlights of the 2010 festival. 

 Bzzzline caught up with the creator of Shriekfest, Denise Gosset, at the Scary or Die launch party.  She gave us the winners of the 2010 festival. 

Shriekfest has put out a call for entries for the 2011 film festival.  Some of the categories are short films, features, screenplays, webisodes, etc.  Basically if you have anything on paper or on film about something from beyond our planet or beyond your imagination you can enter Shriekfest.  Some past winner’s include 2009’s Lo which can be seen on Netflix now, as well as the 2004 cult classic “Dead and Breakfast”.  Another movie that played last year was Virus X. That was released this year on February 1st proving that this year’s Shreikfest entrants are next year’s date movie.  There are film panels, trophy’s, cash prizes, and golden opportunitites that no other film festival offers.  The deadline for this festival is July 10th, so finish rendering, slap those titles onto the rough cut, and enter the festival.

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