Scary or Die: A Horror Democracy

Scary Or Die: A Horror Democracy

Scary or Die is a website specifically made for horror filmmakers and their fans. just launched in September, and the response has been tremendous.  Already there are dozens of short films on the website that horror fans can check out.  The site will also be a host to feature length horror films, and Scary or Die as a production company is already filming their first feature starring Corbin Bleu of  “High School the Muscial”  fame.  The site works similarly to the website of the similar name funny or die, where fans watch these horror shorts and rate them.  Those films that have the best ratings will have a better place on the site.  This, as the Scary or Die website says, is a horror democracy.

Scary or Die was created by Michael Emanuel, and David Reivers.  Michael Emanuel directed Maneater with Dean Cain, and has been a huge fan of horror ever since he was little.  David Reivers is an actor, and also produced the Disney movie “Freestyle” that stars his son Corbin Bleu, who also contributes to the website.  The site was the brain child of Michael Emanuel, who wanted to close the gap between the filmmakers and their fans.  He brought the idea to David, and thats how the scariest place on the web was born.   

To help launch the site, the creators Michael Emanuel, and David Reivers held the first Scary or Die film festival.  1st prize for the popular vote went to M.J. Dixon for Thorn, and 2nd place went to Pete Navarro for The Path, and last but not least David Cross (not the comedian) won third place for The Sitter.  For the Special Jury Prize Matt Brookens won with his film Guitar Party Nightmare, Justin Benson came in 2nd place with his film A.M., and Morgan Suszek came in 3rd place with the film Bitten.  These and many more can be seen on the website now. 

The awards ceremony and official launch party for the site was held at Busbys East in Hollywood.  The event was hosted by the Scary or Die it Girl, Erin Marie Hogan, and Black Flamingos played the after party.  Some noteable figures at the event were the cast and crew of the film Box of Shadows starring Domiciano Arcangeli.  Also Corbin Bleu, other High School the Musical alum Lucas Grabeel caused quite a stir with their precence.  Bzzzline was their to capture all the glitz and glamour of this red carpet event, capturing interviews and exclusives with all of the up and coming stars of the horror genre. 

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