Lucky Mckee Presents: The Woman

Lucky Mckee Presents:

The Woman

Horror director Lucky Mckee shocks audiences with his new film “The Woman”.  The Woman has stirred up controversy with its unapolagetic storyline about a family man who finds a wild woman while hunting.   The family man decides to civilize her by taking the woman home with him.  The woman is played by Scottish born actress Pollyanna McIntosh, who is most known for her roles in the remake of “Land of The Lost”, and the psychological British Thriller “The Exam”.  Also starring Sean Bridgers of Travelin Productions as the domesticating family man, and Angela Bettis, as the long suffering wife, “The Woman” hits theaters October 14th.

In June Lucky Mckee received the partnership award at the genre film festival Bleedfest.  The Fies sisters told Bzzzline that Lucky received the partnership award for the strong portrayals of women in all of his films.  Lucky continues his nuanced portrayals of women in his new project “The Woman”.  Lucky discussed his latest project, “The Woman” with Bleedfest attendees, and gave some intriguing insights on this new horror film.  He also discussed with Bzzzline the controversy surrounding “The Woman’s” premiere at Sundance Film Festival.  See the video below for the full scoop on “The Woman”

Lucky Mckee’s status a cult filmmaker was established with one of his first films “May”, about a lonely girl who decides to make her own friend.  He established a long time friendship with actress Angela Bettis on the set of “May”, and has worked with her ever since.  In the new movie “The Woman” Angela plays the wife.  Lucky talked with Bzzzline about the other films he made including the follow-up to “May”, “The Woods”.  He also talks about the similarities between “The Woods”, and Dario Argento’s “Suspiria”.  Lucky’s influences are Kubrick, Scorcese, and Lynch, but he also finds inspiration from his peers including Rian Johnson and Chris Severtson.  Lucky originally wanted to be a comic book artist but found film to be more his forte, and went from there.  Check out the video below to find out more about The Cult Director Lucky Mckee.  

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