The Year of the Zombie for Implant’s Director Lisa Coffelt

 Year of the Zombie for Crimson Stained Lace Productions

Crimson Stained Lace productions released their 9th film project Implant.  Implant stars the classically trained Shey Lynn Zanotti, whose character’s husband recently died.  Overcome with grief Shey’s character cannot let go of her husband.  Independant film actor David Villegas plays the recently deceased husband, and his love of gardening is the catalyst in the film.  Ryan Hollis, a comedic actor out of NYU, plays the family friend who tries to help Shey’s character through this trying time.  This poignant, yet disturbing film was co-directed, by Lisa and James Coffelt.  The Coffelts held the premiere of Implant at the Bungalow Club in March.  Bzzzline’s Alisha Rayne caught up with Lisa and James, and they talked about how Implant came to be.

The plants in Implant overwhelmed the set, the producers, and the actors.  The two producers of the film Christopher Wingood, and Crizzle, talked with Bzzzline about how they became involved in the film.  They also talked about how the plants were the biggest challenge in the film, from finding them, to getting rid of them.  Ryan Hollis researched specific plants for his role in the film.  He was able to develop a character from that research, and react realistically to the plants.  Ryan is also part of an improv group whose new feature “Undelivered” is set to be released this year.  Ryan also appeared in another Crimson Stained Lace production, “The Sound of Zombies”.

Lisa and James Coffelt are the minds behind Crimson Stained Lace productions.  They are both originally from Kentucky, and moved out to Los Angeles 2 years ago to pursue film.  James is a writer, and concept artist.  Lisa is a director, writer, and cinematographer.  They are active in the horror community, and have 8 other projects under their belt.  One of the projects is called “The Sound of Zombies”.  Now that they have gotten a taste for the undead they are hungry for more, and will produce more zombie films in 2011.  Lisa and James told Bzzzline why this is the year of the zombie for Crimson Stained Lace, and what they did to get to this point.

Check out Crimson Stained Lace’s Youtube page to check out all of their videos.

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