“Hour Of The Witch”

Bzzzline Entertainment’s Creepy short

“Hour of the Witch”

Now in Film Festivals

the hour of the witch


“Hour of the Witch” stars Celeste Martinez as Gretel, a woman whose obsession with an imaginary place drives her to find answers in the occult.  The story opens with Gretel in the process of casting a spell.  As the disturbing ingredients of the spell are added to the spell box, Gretel’s hold on reality is questioned.  To finish casting the spell Gretel buries the box in the woods.  After she finishes burying the box Gretel waits patiently for something to happen.  While waiting boredom sets in, and Gretel falls asleep.  After Gretel falls asleep the light of the moon reveals a beautiful but disturbing figure of a witch standing above her proving that Gretel’s spell worked.  

Under the watchful eye of the witch Gretel dreams.  Against a fairytale backdrop Gretel is pursued by the witch.  She runs as fast as she can but the witch gains on her.  Seeing what she thinks is safety in the form of a castle tower Gretel runs towards it.  When she arrives at the tower the door to the tower is locked.  Angry Gretel beats on the door as the Witch catches up to her.  The tension builds as Gretel bravely faces the Witch that terrified her for as long as she can remember.  

Witch is a story by Celeste Martinez.  She is a producer, and actress of the scream queen variety, and stars in Craig McIntyre’s new film  The Los Angeles Ripper.  Celeste’s acting training includes the London International School for Performing Arts, Ecole International de Theatre, Jacques Lecoq in France, and many other technique courses.  She has performed in theater, commercials, and film.  Celeste’s natural style, and good instincts make her the perfect Gretel in this fairytale nightmare.  

The Witch is played by Leda Lum.  She is a dancer, model, and actress.  She studied at the London International School of Arts. Her passion is the theater, and she has a few clown performances to round out her experience in front of an audience.  With her dance history Leda brings a heightened physicality to the character of the Witch, breaking the old stereo types of the hag of yesteryear.  This new take on this classic fairytale character makes the Witch in this modern story a more dangerous version of the powerful female villain.

Another character in the story is the location.  The story of “Hour of the Witch” was originally a dream that Celeste had where she escapes the witch by going on a space ship.  Because of this harsh economic climate the production had to settle for a castle bridge and tower, which is in Mt. Rubidoux in Celeste’s hometown of Riverside, CA.  In the actual film Celeste runs onto the Castle bridge, in hopes of escaping the Witch by running into the tower.  This fantastic location adds an air of surrealism that helps to turn this film into a fairytale.  

Hour of the Witch is directed by Alisha Rayne.  She is a producer, director, and actress.  She is the founder of Bzzzline Entertainment, and writes, and hosts for the website as well.  She has produced a feature for director Shane Ryan called My Name is A by Anonymous, and worked on the short film Edgewood Drive with horror film director Mando Franco.  Alisha has her roots in comedy as her first producing and directing role was a Christmas Episode of the web series Channel Surfers which is on Bzzzline now.  The second episode is in post production, and due to be released in late January.  Alisha met Celeste through a mutual friend.  When Celeste told Alisha about her Witch dream, Alisha saw the potential as a short film, and got the ball rolling from there.

The Director of Photography for “Hour of the Witch” is the super rad, fantastic, man of mystery Arturo Guerrero.  Arturo is an editor, and DP of multiple features, and numerous short films.  He has a degree in Art with an emphasis on Animation.  His artistic sensibility gives all of his camera, and editing work an extra boost, that is hard to beat.  He was the editor for Kyriaki Sunday’s music video “I Almost Lost My Heart in Monaco”, and also co-edited the documentary “Tromatized: Meet Lloyd Kaufman”. His cineamtography brings “Hour of the Witch” to a surreal level, that makes real landscapes into fairytail madness.

Casey Fera is our key grip, and best boy.  He has worked on the popular web series “After Hours” which can be found on Cracked.com.  When he is not working on a film set Casey is a musician of the highest calibre.  His music can be found on the soon to be released My Name is A by anonymous, and he is currently working on his first album.  This film could not be made without the great work ethic, and support of this talented filmmaker, and musician.

“Hour of the Witch” is an internal look at a woman’s need for escape from her mundane existence, and the consequences that happen when her dreams come true.  It has elements of drama, and horror that will make this film eligible for more than just horror genre film festivals.  The world premiere of “Hour of the Witch” will be at the El Cid Short Film Festival on wednesday December 4th at El Cid restaurant off of Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. 

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