Halloween Bleedfest

The Ghosts of Halloween’s Past at Bleedfest

To celebrate Halloween Bzzzline is featuring last year’s Halloween Bleedfest.  Bleedfest is the horror film festival put on by Brenda Fies and Elisabeth Fies.  Bleedfest is the Badass Genre Film Festival that celebrates women in horror by featuring films that were produced, directed or feature a strong female lead character.  Last year’s Halloween Bleedfest follows suit with the winners all displaying these attributes.  Bzzzline was there with the ever affable Jeffrey Damnit catching Red Carpet quotes from all of the winners, and supporters of Bleedfest.

One of the patrons of the film festival is former partnership award winner Dave Reda.  The film that won Dave the partnership award was the music video “Horror of Our Love” by the band Ludo, wherein the female lead is wooed by a Jasonesque psychopath.   Dave Reda’s other film that was featured at Bleedfest was “My Undeadly” which starred Michelle Tomlinson as the lead, and Dave also has a role.  My Undeadly made the horror rounds last year and garnered and is still garnering a lot of awards.  To keep up with Dave Reda and his work follow him on twitter @elftwinfilms, as well his website elftwinfilms.com  Watch the video below to see what Dave Reda has to say about his work, and the horror genre.

Another film featured at last years Halloween Bleedfest was the multi-award winning short “Certified”.  It is a short film based on a British short story about a terrifying little girl, circa bad seed.  The bad seed in this film was Rebecca Spicher, who was awarded the best actress award at Bleedfest.  Picking up the award for Rebecca was the film’s producer Kimberly Browning.  Kimberly has a number of projects going on including the Hollywood Shorts film festival.  Which is also a forum for film makers featuring monthly screenings, and lectures by other film makers.  Click here to find out more about what Kimberly is up to, and about Hollywood Shorts.   See the video below to watch Jeffrey Damnit catch some red carpet quotes from Kimberly Browning.

A lot of people came out to support October’s Bleedfest including other people in the industry.  Actress and producer Share Cherrie made an appearance.  She has a number of films out including Trick of the Witch, which is about a group of supermodels who have to defeat a witch.  You can also keep up Share via twitter with her handle @sharecherrie.  Actor, artist and pro skateboarder Danny Minnick also showed up for the days festivities.  His art has a slightl Jackson Pollock feel, and his next show is on November 1st called Fame or Melrose Night which is off of Melrose.  To check out more of Danny’s art go to www.dannyminnick.com  Another pro-skateboarder to hit the red carpet is Fabian Alomar.  He is also an actor and can be seen on Sons of Anarchy and Dexter.  Click here to follow Fabian on twitter.  See the video below to check all of these great Bleedfest supporters on the red carpet.

Horrible Imaginings founder Miguel Rodriguez was also at Bleedfest.  He was there supporting his own film festival Horrible Imaginings which happens every year in the fall.  This year Horrible Imaginings is happening on November 10th, and features films from such Bleedfest Alums as Lori Bowen, and Maude Michaud.  The film festival will be held at the 10th avenue theater in San Diego on November 10th and 11th.  The Horrible Imaginings Art Gallery will be accompanying the film festival as well with Macabre art featured from local artists.  Go to hifilmfest.com to purchase tickets for this year’s festival, and watch the video below to find out more about last year’s festival.

Every Bleedfest the Fies Sisters give out a partnership award to a male filmmaker who has an empowered female protagonist.  Last Halloween’s award recipient was Darrell Wheat for his film Swallowed.   The film stars Corsica Wilson as a ladder climbing cheerleader who goes to horrifying lenghts to get what she wants.  Her performance and strength of character is what garnered Darrell the partnership award.  You can find them at these websites.

Another great supporter of Bleedfest is Jessica Cameron.  She has acted in a few of the Fies sister’s projects, and helped out with the October Bleedfest.  Jessica is a native of Canada, and originally studied fashion design.  She has been in a ton of projects, including The C. Thomas Howell vehicle Camel Spiders, and “The Black Dahlia Haunting” which is featured in the upcoming horrible Imaginings film festival.  To find out more about Jessica Cameron you can go to her website www.jessicacameron.com, and check out the video below for some red carpet quotes from this actress from North of the border.

Another award winning film featured at the Halloween Bleedfest was “An Evening with my Comatose Mother” directed by Jonathan Martin.  “An Evening….. has won over 54 awards internationally including best actress transformation at Bleedfest.  On the red carpet Jonathan talks about how the makeup artist achieved such a radical transformation.  He also talked to Bzzzline’s Jeffrey Damnit about his horror influences.  Click here to find out more about “An Evening with My Comatose Mother.  And watch the video below to find out more about Jonathan and what’s next for the film.

Bleedfest’s feature for October was the film “The Selling” directed by Emily Lou.  The Selling is about Richard Scarry, a too nice real estate agent who is deep in debt from his mother’s medical bills.  To help pay these bills Richard buys a house for cheap, with his business partner Dave Ross, so they can flip it for a profit.  However, as they are fixing up the house they realize that the house was originally so cheap for one very terrible reason.  The house is haunted.  Now Richard has to try to sell a house with bleeding walls, whispering ghosts, and a closet that opens to the spirit realm.  Emily Lou, and Jonathan Klein who played Dave Ross, were at the film festival and talked to Jeffrey Damnit about the film and how it came to be.  Click here to find out more about “The Selling”, and also to possibly purchase the film.

Bleedfest has been home to many films.  It has given west Coast Premieres to the Twisted Twins film Dead Hooker in a Trunk, as well as the horror documentary I Am Nancy.  Bleedfest also awarded the infamous Lucky Mckee a partnership award for his portrayal of the feral woman in his film The Woman.  Bleedfest films have gone on to Netflix, Redbox, and many other formats.  The filmmakers from these festivals have also gone on to direct features, television, and run their own film festivals.  To find out more about what films played at past festivals you can go to www.bleedfest.com, and you can also be part of the Bleedfest Film Festival Group on Facebook to keep up with all of these fantastic female Film makers.

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