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Bzzzline’s Featured Artist

Romak is a band out of Southern California featuring lead singer and bassist Romie Romak, Rogie Lucero on drums, Brian Evans on guitar and other various instruments, and their newest member Kateri.  Their debut EP “3 wishes for Romie” is out now and can be obtained at http://romak.bandcamp.com/.  It features Romak’s original break out song “Move to a Separate Land, the controversial yet cute “Bitches and Hoes”, and the 50’s inspired “Understanding”.  They also have a cover single out Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”.  No song in the Romak catalog is the same.  Romak takes you on a journey from the swaying sounds of the 50’s, through the maudlin croons of 80’s new wave, to the angry girl rock of the 90’s, all mixed together forming their own sound.  Here is a live performance of their homage to Wiz Khalifah’s “Black and Yellow” 

Romak was started by the infallible Romie Romak.  A makeup artist by trade, however Romie’s first passion in life is music.  Romie started a music career with the creation of the band Romie and the space pirates that gained quite a following in the Orange County area.  ROTSP were even featured in Citizen LA magazine.  After the Space Pirates went on permanent hiatus Romie started another music project with musician Brian Evans.  Early in 2011 they released their first cover single  “Eyes Without a Face” by 80’s icon Billy Idol.  As time went on they added more band members and Romak slowly evolved into being.  Romak continues to raise eyebrows as the train to icon status marches on with a recent spread in Alt Noir magazine.  Bzzzline caught up with the new band Romak at their CD release party.  Watch the video below to see an interview with Romie, the lead singer of the band Romak.

Brian Evans backs up Romie with guitar and other instruments.  He has been playing instruments all of his life.  He started out playing piano in elementary school, and moved onto guitars and other instruments in high school.  One of his earliest musical influences was the 80’s metal band Metallica.  Brian has moved on to more mellow sounds of the shoe gazer variety with other projects such as “Without the Horses” by Colorfield Bridge.  He writes music for Romak as well as other bands.  He shows his support of music by promoting himself and other musicians on his website.  www.drifttheory.net.  See the video below for a closer look at musician Brian Evans.  

Rogie Lucero keeps the beat in Romak with his mad drumming skills.  He has been playing drums for over ten years.  He also writes music for the band by providing beats and samples used throughout the songs of Romak.  Rogie’s musical stylings can now be found on the music sharing site sound cloud.  See the video below to get a closer look at Musician Rogie Lucero.

The CD release party for Romak’s EP “3 Wishes for Romie” was a rousing success.  They performed covers of “Black and Yellow”, and Hole’s “Violet”.  They also performed their originals “Bitches and Hoes” and “Move to a Separate Land”.  Romak is in the process of releasing another EP, and will be doing more cover singles.  Follow them on Facebook and twitter @romieromak.  Because they are always creating new material that is fresh and original they will never fade from the spotlight.  Watch the video below to see the interview with the band.    

Romak’s musical style comes to life with music videos directed by photographer Marianne Williams.  Here is a video off of the “3 Wishes for Romie” EP “Move to a Separate Land”.

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