Bill Oberst Jr. One Scary Badass

Bill Oberst Jr.: One Scary Badass

Bill Oberst Jr.  is one scary badass according to, and their right.  Bill’s quiet intensity, and overwhelming precence gives audiences chills in every performance.  Weather he is playing a backwoods psychopath in 2008’s “Dismal”, or a maniacal killer in 2007’s “The Devil Within”, Bills performance is sure to make you lock your doors at night. 


His talent for scaring an audience was honed through years of practice.  His origins came from the theater where he brought to life such historical figures as Jesus, Mark Twain, and Abraham Lincoln.  He also embodied the spirit of hilarity with his portrayals of comedians Lewis Grizzard and Rodney Dangerfield.  He is a stand up comedian and displayed his comic talents to the fullest in his one man show “Stand Up, When Comedy Was Funny”.  His skills gained from years of experience on the stage easily transferred over to the big screen in 2007 with “Ten Pistols”.   His abilities to scare an audience make him a rising star in the cult film scene, and he will definitely break through that glass ceiling soon.

Bzzzline caught up with Bill at Shriekfest in early October, and then again at the launch party for the new horror website  He was at both events supporting the new film he has coming out “Nude Nuns, With Big Guns”.   “Nude Nuns/w Big Guns” is about Sister Sarah, who is brainwashed and drugged by the less than saintly clergy as soon as she takes her vows.  It’s Freak Show Entertainment’s follow up to their sleeper hit “Run Bitch Run”.  Bill’s latest film “The Shunning”, will give fans something to tweet about.   His way with words and rising stardom make Bill Oberst Jr. Bzzzlines first featured artist.

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