Edgewood Dr.

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The Award nominated Edgewood Drive is about a self appointed neighborhood watchmen, Stewart (Ricky Walters) who keeps tabs and stalks his neighbors. When he suspects his new neighbor, Grant (Brad Hills) may be a murderer, he takes matters into his own hands and breaks into Grant’s home seeking evidence of foul play. But he uncovers something even more shocking.

 Edgewood Drive’s director Mando Franco is a genre filmmaker, and all around fanboy.  He is slowly creeping up on the horror scene with 2 features pending DVD release and is in the process of directing season 2 of the award winning web series 8.13.  Mando is an avid movie goer and has written several film reviews for radnerd.com.  More often than not he can be spotted at revival theaters, screenings and events all over the Los Angeles area.

Edgewood Drive’s producer Alisha Rayne is also a director, writer, and stand up comedian.  She has a feature in post production called “My Name is A by Anonymous” and is currently working on the horror short “Hour of the Witch”, which will be coming to film festivals in the fall.

Edgewood Drive is a psychological tension builder that blurs the lines between Horror, and Thriller.  Helping to blur these genre lines are the co-stars Bonnie Gordon, Whitney Banks, and J. Kristopher.  Rounding out the cast and also causing a few screams are Alejandro Maier, Melissa Kirkpatrick, Celeste Martinez, John Crow, and April Navarro.  A special thanks goes to the crew Sarah Browne, Arturo Guerrero, Alicia Robledo, Christian Edsall, and Matt Babb, for helping create the intense mood of the film.  Also thanks to the great make-up crew Shannon  Burke, Shannon Mansion, and Katie Muravez for making gore look sexy, and delicious.  Helping to make this film even more creepy are Drew Krassowski who composed the original score and the tension filled pacing was made possible by editor Gabriel Diaz.  Mark Rose also deserves a mention for his subtle yet chilling titles.   All of these people helped bring this Hitchcock inspired short to the big screen, and we thankyou.

Edgewood Dr. has been nominated for best actor for Brad Hills, and Best Dramatic short at the Angeleno film festival which will run this summer.  It also received high praise at the Horrible Imaginings film festival in San Diego this past October.   The Los Angeles premeire of Edgewood Drive is Wednesday June 6th at El Cid restaurant starting at 8:00pm.

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