Daywalt Fear Factory

Daywalt Fear Factory

Mass Production of Horror

When you think of masters of horror you think of Craven, Carpenter and Daywalt?  Two Daywalt’s to be exact.  Drew and Marichelle Daywalt are a husband and wife film making team, who together are considered a horror genre power couple, but apart they both hold their own in the horror community.  The Daywalt Fear Factory came about during the writer’s strike, and Drew, and Marichelle decided to create their own style of genre films.  They’re pumping out a new batch of horror every month that includes everything from a fridge monster, a demonic cookie, and everything else that goes bump in the night.  Their films are considered to be so scary that people post reaction videos in response to their horror shorts.  To see the catalog of the Daywalt films go to the  Daywalt Fear Factory youtube page.  Here is one of the more spine tingling, hair raising, shriek getting shorts.

Marichelle Daywalt is a triple threat, producing, directing, and editing her short films with an artistic vision that is rarely seen in the film industry.  She started out as a production coordinator for 20th Century Fox, working on such films as “Fight Club”, and “Minority Report”.  One of the films in Marichelle’s catalog is the film “Anniversary”, where a woman celebrates a different kind of anniversary in a very peculiar way.  Marichelle also directed, produced, and edited the multiple award winning short “Mockingbird”.  The film was written by Drew Daywalt, and gives fear to a baby monitor.  Marichelle’s latest award winning short is “The Many Doors of Albert Whale” starring scream queen Tara Cardinal, and Broadway actor, and playwright Kit Williamson.  “The Many Doors…” is about a man who is obsessed with doors, and the film answers the question “Why”?.  “The Many Doors of Albert Whale”  is now on tour with other winners from this year’s Viscera Film Festival.  The next stop on the Viscera tour is Somerville, MA, and then the Mile High Horror Festival in Colorado.   Bzzzline got the chance to talk to Marichelle after winning an award for best director at the  Bleedfest film festival.  Check out the interview below.

The other half of the Daywalt Fear Factory is Drew Daywalt.  His latest work is the new MTV series “Death Valley”.  The third episode airs tonight September 12th, on MTV, and the first 3 episodes can be seen on  Even though Drew is busy working on a TV series,  The Daywalt fear factory still pumps out terrorizing shorts on a regular basis.   The latest of their Horror Shorts is Polydeus which explores what happens when someone plays the wrong video game for way too long.  Drew also has a 12 part web series called Camera Obscura about a woman who is able to hunt demons using a special kind of camera.  The Daywalt’s truly terrifying monsters and special effects are crafted by special effects artist Jeff Farley.  Drew’s horror shorts often have a woman protagonist in them, and because of these strong female characters he won the partnership award at the April Bleedfest.  He is also working on a short right now for Chiller TV which should be out soon.  See below for an interview  with this next master of horror.

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