Alisha Rayne is a producer, director, editor, set designer, and actress.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A in Film Studies.  She moved out to California to pursue a career in film production.  While living in Santa Maria, CA she became the stage manager of the live television show “Adam Bomb Live” for over 15 episodes.   After the show ended she created her own sketch show called “Channel Surfers”.  Alisha moved to Los Angeles a year ago, and has worked her way up to a producer, and has a feature film in post production called “My Name is A”.   Alisha just finished production on two horror shorts which will be coming soon to film festivals near you.   When she is not making movies Alisha works on Bzzzline, and dedicates herself to bringing the underground to the masses via the web.

Jeffrey Damnit is an actor from Chicago, Illinois. He came on the radar in 1997 for his role as Eddie in the movie Drop Off. He appeared on Fear Factor & became the first “alternative” person (he’d say “freak”) on reality television. He has most recently acted in films such as Hollywood Sex Wars, The Black Belle, & Box of Shadows. Damnit has been in numerous magazines & music videos & has been the emcee to many events around the country. He recently emceed West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnival (the world’s larges Halloween Festival). Jeffrey is a man who starts the trends & never follows them. Working with Damnit started the “Legalize Lohan” movement, where street art, shirts, & supporters soon followed.  Never one to stand in the shadows (but sometimes lurking in them), Jeffrey Damnit is always one to entertain. Who knows what he’ll be up to next?  You can keep your eye on this fire breathing, drink slinging, actor with a mic in one hand & your attention in the other at

Arturo Guerrero is  super awesome, and a really good dancer.  Also, he is  visual artist who has created everything, from paintings, comics, traditional animation, to Photography and Visual Effects.  He was a teachers aid in the editing and DVD Authoring courses at the local community college, and won many awards for his narrative, shorts, and music videos.  Also, he was very active in producing and editing content for Public Access Television, and for the city of Santa Maria.  He now lives in Los Angeles as a freelance Editor and Camera Operator who has worked on several short films, music videos, promos, and feature films.

Elizabeth Ashley may be tiny but she’s more explosive than dynamite! She’s an actress, model, and singer in a rock & roll band when she’s not designing jewelry, lingerie, and clothing lines. She’s been a multi season feature on Spike TV’s Manswers, has hosted many shows including a lot of work for The GT Channel. Elizabeth has been on more red carpet’s than a hot pair of Jimmy Choo’s! Modeling in far to many things to mention here she’s has been the Centerfold in over a dozen magazines (sorry kids, none naked….just close to it!). She’s now designing for 3 different lines when she’s not helping produce, style, or shoot at public event and private bookings. This girl is past a triple threat before she finishes breakfast! Keep up with her (if you can) at

Mando is a genre filmmaker, and all around fanboy.  He is slowly creeping up on the horror scene with 2 features pending DVD release and directing the recently nominated for best dramatic series, 8.13.  Mando is an avid movie goer and has written several film reviews for  More often than not he can be

spotted at revival theaters, screenings and events all over the Los Angeles area.

Casey Fera grew up playing in rock bands but  spends most of his time working on various aspects of video production, from digital editing and compositing to acting and writing. He has worked on independent features like TV the Movie (2008), and Greener Mountains (2005)  as well as popular web serious such as  After Hours currently on ( and The Really Late Morning Show.

Guest host Jules Sanchez is always fun to have covering the Red Carpet. He started out his career as a semi finalist on the first season of American Idol. Ever since he has made appearances on a variety of  reality shows, most recently on Dance Your Ass Off.  He is also a host on HOLLYWOODJUNKET.COM, covering everything from the new season of American Idol, to interviewing the host of Americas Got Talent.  Now he has brought his talents to Bzzzline talking to all of the stars of the underground and giving the audience and the red carpet walkers a performance they will never forget.

Shane Ryan became fascinated with editing films at the age of 5 when his dad showed him how he could disappear by doing a simple jump cut. At age 7 Shane began making films after witnessing Jean-Claude Van Damme kick some serious splitacious flying round house ass kicking in Bloodsport.  He made action films until his idol Brandon Lee died when Shane was thirteen.   At age 14 Shane made a 35 minute dramatic rap film, and followed that with a feature at age 15.  He took a break from films, but at 19 he saw Tim Roth’s The War Zone, and it changed his life.  He wanted to make films that stirred up the same kind of emotions and sadness that The War Zone had stirred within him.  His films now deal with adult, and often disturbing issues, and many have mistaken his work for glamorizing and exploiting these issues.  However, Shane refuses to stop making films that deal with such touchy subject matter.  He is also an actor, and  producer.

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