UPDATE: “THE COMEDY PILL”


The first showcase of The Comedy Pill presented by Ellyn Daniels brought a wide variety of talent to the Bar Lubitsch stage.  Ellyn Daniels herself kicked off the show with some of her incredibly dry wit when she disproves the theory that “you can do anything”.  Her razor sharp aim continues as she shares an anecdote about poor bar etiquette.  Bzzzline’s Alisha Rayne caught up with Ellyn after the show, and Ellyn revealed that her dry humor is an inherited trait.  Ellyn is originally from Florida, and started her career as a professional ballet dancer.  She then turned to modeling, and finally came out to Los Angeles to pursue acting.  When she arrived in L.A her natural comedic timing led her into stand-up comedy.  Bzzzline also caught up with film producer Scott Wells after the show, and he was impressed with Ellyn and the rest of “The Comedy Pill” comedians.

A rising star on the scene is Dustin Ybarra.  His stand up includes a pitch for a new kind of reality show, how he was the best employee at Long John Silver’s, and the intricacies of the game show supermarket sweep.  He can be seen in the movie “Hop” as the mail room guy. Incidently one of Chris Rock’s first roles was Bony T, the mail room guy, in Boomerang. Dustin will also be starring as a zoo keeper in a movie with Matt Damon.  You can see some photos from Dustin’s zoo keeper experience on his facebook page.  Dustin told Bzzzline that he has always done stand-up, and that his experience in New York helped shape him into the comedian he is today.  More of Dustin’s hilarious work can be seen on suckerpunchcomedy.com

A different comedic perspective comes from London native J. Claude Deering.  His comedy includes being a drug dealer of iodine pills, saying things the wrong way, insurance rates, and his school days in London.  He is an up and coming television actor and can be seen on Entorage as a long suffering assistant.  He will be changing up his acting when he will play a resident on the wildly popular “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”  That episode will air in a couple of months.  J. Claude Deering is also a big fan of improv, and can be seen on funny or die performing with “Untitled Sketch Group”.   Click here to find out more about J. Claude Deering.

Josh Fadem graced the Bar Lubitsch stage with a performance that could be considered choreographed falling.  Josh’s slapstick performance involved an altercation with a microphone stand and a chair that lasted for over a minute of the performance.  Keeping the audience laughing for that amount of time shows tremendous talent for physical comedy that few comics have today.  The physicality of Josh’s comedy has an epic feel to it, as the microphone stand gets the best of Josh Fadem over, and over, and over again.  Josh tops that performance off an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation so rare, it’s straight out of the Disney vault.  Josh can also be seen in “30 Rock”, Conan O’Brien’s “Eagle Heart”, and on the sketch series “The Back Room” which can be found at www.yowie.com.

Brent Weinbach took the stage in a flurry of stillness with his deadpan comedic style.   He treats the audience to his psychic powers as he guesses audience members heritage through a flow of consciousness that could be considered musical.  He then gives us a taste of the old school with a dance number accompanied by 16 bit music stylings of classic video games.  Brent also plays piano, and his comedy, and musical stylings can be found on his CD “The Night Shift”, which you can purchase through his website www.brentweinbach.com. Brent’s old school ways continue on as he will be putting on dance event on April 30th called “The Legacy Music Dance Party at Meltdown at 7522 W. Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Go to the Legacy facebook page, and you can Click here for tickets.

Eleanor Kerrigan brought some east coast honesty to the Bar Lubitsch stage.  She brings up hard hitting topics like birth control, her family, and good parking.  Eleanor can be seen performing all over the Los Angeles area, and will be going on another tour with Andrew Dice Clay at the beginning of May.  Bzzzline caught up with Eleanor, and she talked candidly about her big family, and how she got her start on the comedy scene.  She will be performing at the next Comedy Pill on April 26th.  Click here to check out more of Eleanor Kerrigan.

Bzzzline caught an interview with comedian Abby Lodmer who came out to support the show.  Abby is what she likes to call a conscious comedian.  She takes comedy to a higher plane as she tries to heal the world through laughter.  You can find more of her insights on her website www.humorhealinghumanity.com.

Another comedian who can be seen around town is Rob Lindo.  He hosts his own comedy showcase called “Skinny Sundays”.  Skinny Sunday’s was a fixture at Bar Lubitsch for over a year, but they are moving on to the Improv.  The first Skinny Sunday show presented at the Improv will be May 1st.  Some big names including a “Last Comic Standing” winner Eliza Schlesinger will be at the Skinny Sunday Improv premiere.  Rob can also be seen all over the web with his comedy group the Skinny Dicks.   Rob is also very collaborative, and  has worked with Ellyn Daniels on a sketch called Opposite Reaction Girl, and he also worked with the Casual Mafia on the sketch “Josh Macuga: Regis Philbin’s Replacment?”

Ellyn Daniels not only does stand-up and hosts her own showcases, she is also an actress.  She has a cast of crazy characters on her roster from movie stars such as Katherine Heigl, and Russel Brand, to the average Joe, or Jesus, who is sitting in her seat on an airplane.  Check out the video Bzzzline got of one of her characters, and you can go to www.ellyndaniels.com for more fun videos by Ellyn.

Ellyn Daniels presents “The Comedy Pill” showcase at bar Lubitsch every other Tuesday.  If you missed them at the first “Comedy Pill” you will get to see them again as Eleanor Kerrigan, and Brent Weinbach will be at the next “Comedy Pill” on April 26th.  Joe DePaulo from Rob Lindo’s comedy group “The Skinny Dicks” will also be there.  Monrok Kornom from “Last Comic Standing”, and Jeff Richards from “SNL” will grace the stage.  J. Chris Newberg from Jimmy Kimmel Live is definately going to be there, and the headliner is Melinda Hill from “The Sara Silverman Program”.  Keep checking Bzzzline as we will have an interview, and some footage from Rachel Feinstein’s performance, who was “The Comedy Pills” first Headliner.  Check out more of the Comedy Pill on their facebook page.  Also, to see some great photos of these comedians check out Bzzzline’s Flickr page.

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