Bleedfest Presents A Fantasian Themed Film Festival

Bleedfest Presents: Fantasian

Brenda and Elisabeth Fies held a Fantasian themed Bleedfest in March at the Cap Theatre in Sherman Oaks.  This particular film festival celebrated Asian women film makers and how their contributions are changing the film Industry.  Nora Jesse”s won an award for best producer of her short film “Grandpa”.  Carly Lyn accepted a late Inana award for her film “A Foundling” about two Asian women who stumble upon a space ship while crossing a desert.  The partnership award went to Stevo Chang for his film “The Fields of Mudan”.  This month’s film retrospective was on Anna Biller’s work who is a director, writer, producer, costume designer, and set designer.  Some films shown during the retrospective were “3 Examples of Myself as Queen”, “A Visit From The Incubus”, and a preview of her feature “Viva”.  To find out more about Anna Biller go to   The feature presented at Bleedfest was “Waking Dreams” directed by Deepika Dagghubati.  This takes you on a fun journey through the vistas of Bollywood to the more subtle scenery of South Texas.  The film will be available on Amazon soon, and you can find out more information at  You can also find information on all of the award recipients for all of the Bleedfests at

Bzzzline’s Jules Sanchez caught red carpet quotes from both award winners, and Bleedfest supporters.  Model, and rising film star Iliana Fischer was at Bleedfest supporting her new 3D slasher film “Chester”.  She’s been seen in such works as “Sons of Anarchy”, “Baywatch”, and “Deuce Bigalow”.  She is also an accomplished singer, and her new album “Caliente” is out now.  You can find more information about Illiana at  Up and coming producer, and actress Vida Ghaffari also came out to support Bleedfest.  She will be in “Summer of Slaughter” with cult queen Brinke Stevens, which will be released this summer.  Vida Ghaffari also is a host for GEM TV, and has an extensive voice over career.  To find out more about Vida, go to  Producer and Director Carly Lyn attended Bleedfest to recieve her long overdue Inana award for her film “A Foundling”.  A Foundling stars another Bleedfest award winner Nora Jesse.  A Foundling tells the tale of two Asian women who have to cross the desert in America, and along the way they find a spaceship.  The adventure begins when they discover what’s inside the downed UFO.  To find out more about “A Foundling” you can go to, and you can also communicate directly with Carly on A Foundling’s facebook page.

Nora Jesse recieved an award for best producer for her film “Grandpa”.  This very short, and cute film the explores what is and isn’t politically correct in this day and age.  Accomplished film maker, and Nora’s now husband, Andy Novak directed the film.  Nora and Andy also worked on another film together called “Cavewomyn”, which can be seen on their youtube channel, andynovack35.  Playing the lead in Grandpa is Abby Wordeman.  She is also writer, and her work can be seen in the new web series “Under the Doghouse” at  Also in attendance were the actual Doublemint Twins.  Yes, Nicole, and Natalie Garza, who have taken on the classic role of the Doublemint Twins since 2004, were at Bleedfest supporting another pair of sisters, Elisabeth, and Brenda Fies.  Their vampire spoof “Transylmania”, is out on DVD now, and can also be seen On Demand, as well as on Netflix.  Click on the video below to see the full interview, with the Garza twins, as well as a Q and A with Nora Jesse, and the rest of the cast and crew of “Grandpa”

Bzzzline caught up with the Film Radar reviewer Ray McDermott.  He  gave out the Film Radar award to Susan Bell for her work “A Patchwork Monkey” the previous Bleedfest.  Ray told Bzzzline what he looks for in a film, and why “A Patchwork Monkey” had all of those ingredients.  To see more reviews from Ray go to   Susan Bell was also at Bleedfest accepting the partnership award for director Stevo Chang who couldn’t be at the festival.  He recieved the award for the intense film “Fields of Mudan” about a young chinese girl, who is part of a sex slave ring, but still holds on to dreams of her mother.  “Fields of Mudan” also won an Amnesty award for bringing awareness of Sex Slavery in America.  Susan Bell talked about her experience on this tough film, and also what it was like trying to cast this film in Florida.  To find more information on “Fields of Mudan” you can go to  Susan Bell is also a director, and currently working on a horror movie Los Angeles Ghost Patrol.  To see these actual paranormal investigators in action you can go to   Click on the video below to see interviews with Film Radar’s Ray McDermott, and director, Susan Bell.

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