Back To Me:Music Video


Back To Me is the song by singer/song writer Monique Tamez.  The song is about a woman who didn’t realize the good thing she had, and now that he’s gone, she wants him back.

The idea for the video came from that main theme, of regret. The video starts with Monique in her room going through photo albums.  The video flashes back to different scenarios where she didn’t treat her boyfriend very well.  The last scene depicts her ex boyfriend with another woman, and show Monique’s sadness in reaction.

Back to Me is a B.E.(Bzzzline Entertainment) production.  The music video was shot in and around Lompoc, CA.  Alisha Rayne, CEO of Bzzzline Entertainment directed the video.  The person who plays Monique’s spurned love interest is Adam Wagener.  He is an actor, and musician currently living in Los Angeles.  The film was co produced by freelance artist Gwyn Wilson.   Film Maker Shanti Whitney edited the video, and Arturo Guerrero was the Cinematographer.

Back to Me is a sad song, but the music video has elements of humor in it.  One instance happens when Adam surprises Monique with a champagne picnic.  As Adam shows her the surprise Monique answers her cell phone which disappoints Adam.  The way Monique leaves Adam behind to talk on her phone, while sipping his champagne,  insights laughter rather than awwws of pity.

Back To Me is the first music video directed by Alisha Rayne.  Lookout because there are many more on the way.



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