Anna Biller Presents….

Anna Biller Presents at Bleedfest

Filmmaker Anna Biller draws inspiration from several periods in cinematic history then alters it to fit her own design.  In “Three Examples of Myself as Queen” she brings to life three very different fantasies that wonder what it would be like if she ruled the world.  The first vignette “The Queen’s Sad Life” is reminiscent of  “The King and I” with it’s Arabian nights dance numbers.  “The Hypnotist” mentally and visually fascinates as it takes the family drama to the next level and gives a nod to those classic Technicolor films.  In “Fairy Ballet” Anna plays a cat who is in love with a prince, and they celebrate spring’s arrival with an intricately choreographed dance number that Rogers and Hammerstein could appreciate.  Her latest film “Viva” takes inspiration straight out of vintage playboys, with it’s colorful 60’s look, 70’s storyline, and 50’s female struggle.  Here is a preview of “Viva”.

A retrospective of Anna’s work was presented at the Fantasian themed Bleedfest in March, and the founders Brenda and Elisabeth Fies presented Anna with the Inana award.  During the Q and A Anna talked about which time period she draws her inspiration from.  She also shared her process as an artist, and how she prefers film over video.  Bzzzline’s Jules Sanchez caught up with Anna on the red carpet, and they talked about her love of show business, and how that inspires her work.  Not only is Anna Biller a producer, writer, and director, and singer; she is also the costume and set designer.

Anna Biller was accompanied by Jared Sanford who has starred in many of her films including “A Visit From the Incubus”.  Anna stars in “A Visit from the Incubus” also.  She plays a woman who is terrorized by an incubus, but she overcomes her fear of him, and gets a job in an old west saloon as a singer.  The incubus becomes angry at her, and tries to get revenge by becoming a singer in the saloon too.  Jared enjoyed the role of the incubus, because he was able to play a monster, which fulfilled a lifelong ambition.  Anna talks about what directing this particular film was like, and her acting technique in this and her other films.

Check out more of her work at, and add these pieces of candy for the eyes to your collection.

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