About Us

Bzzzline Productions is a full service video production company founded in 2009.  Bzzzline Productions created election ads for political campaigns, promotional videos for local businesses, and instructional videos for on the job training.  Bzzzline Productions also helped to create original content in the form of feature films, short films, web series, and short sketches.

Alisha Rayne is the CEO, and Producer of Bzzzline Productions.

993612_648328748529248_2007583185_nAlisha is a writer, director, producer, and now can add editor to her resume.  Bzzzline Productions started out as the Blog Bzzzline Entertainment.  Through this blog she produced over 100 videos that included covering various award shows, red carpet interviews, and up-close and personal portrayals of some of the most innovative entertainers around today.The blog eventually turned into a production company and now has several projects in it’s catalog including the feature film, “My Name is A by Anonymous”.

Recently Alisha has been focusing on her editing.  With the most recent election season she was able to use her talents to edit videos for the political campaign No on Measure LV.  It was with the help of these videos that the measure was defeated.

email: alisha.rayne@gmail.com

See below for Alisha Rayne’s Editing Reel.